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These memoirs provide a unique insight into the life of a British Army officer before and during the First World War. He was ordered to take his regiment, the th Illinois, in a hopeless charge against the enemy's fortified lines at Atlanta, Ga.

He honed his skills at Camp Perry, where he participated in the National Matches. Morse, would survive the fighting.

Forums New posts Search forums. TomD It blowed up, y'all Site Supporter. Featured in this compelling study of men and women facing the severest stress of their lives are fascinating stories such as that of Union Lieutenant Colonel Frank Curtiss.

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Detailed explanation of use of machine guns in the trenches, the procedures of sniping at the enemy, and first hand account of fighting in the war. There have been many marksmen. This book is highly regarded by students of riflery.

He came across many different weapons in varying condition, some of the worst being those used by the Dutch and Belgian resistance fighters. His aggressive behavior is assessed in terms of both moral and physical courage, providing a revealing insight into the character of one of the war's key commanders. Set in the grim reality of wartime France, this dark-edged novel presents interesting characters, fast-moving action, true-to-life instances of ground combat, and a touch of bittersweet romance. From an early age Herbert hunted game and participated in riflery competition.

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Download PDF A Rifleman Went to War by Herbert W. McBride Free Book PDF

Download PDF A Rifleman Went to War by Herbert W. McBride Free Book PDF

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These are the missions that have made Carlos Hathcock a legend in the brotherhood of Marines. It was through the work of expert marksmen and trainers like Major Crum that the initial dominance of the Germans in this type of fighting was eventually overcome. Illustrated heavily with photos, pictures and other illustrations of snipers, their weapons and their tactics.

Strongly recommended reading. The saga also covers time in Egypt, England and France away from the fighting.

As a result everything in this book is based on his personal experience. He was born into a military family. As his injuries worsen, can Maria find the courage to guide him through the war-torn countryside? He was keen to learn from experienced snipers and then to train others, and he became an officer sniping instructor at the British Army of the Rhine Training Centre.

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He shares a wealth of first-hand knowledge of different rifles, pistols, machine guns, ammunition, telescopes, binoculars and all the equipment a sniper should carry. He was commissioned as an officer, but was reduced to a private due to several drunken incidents. Made up from his extensive diaries and letters to family and friends at the time, this book details the development of sniping in the British Army in the First World War. It belongs to the literature of men at war.

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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. For the weapons enthusiast and combat scholar, it is informative and entertaining reading. It is mandatory reading in the U.

With a new Foreword by sniping expert Adrian Gilbert, this is not only a first-rate memoir of sniping in the trenches, but also of a long, outstanding life of bravery. His interest was combined with sound common sense, and he would never countenance a rumour about a particular weapon or incident unless he was able to confirm it for himself. This is the story of a simple man who endured incredible dangers and hardships for his country and his Corps. Right before the war, he traveled to British Columbia and hunted large game for a railroad company.

Lieutenant John Bennet is wounded and running out of options. Aware that many of his men would die needlessly and for minimal tactical gain, he refused to obey these orders. Caputo landed at Danang with the first ground combat unit deployed to Vietnam. This is a story of a family and how it was affected by a on the other side of the world. The moral courage to fight meant also to appropriately assess the risks and weigh the loss in lives of one's soldiers.

After adventures with the Resistance, the American becomes an underage rifleman with the Third Infantry Division and participates in the battles experienced by the author. When the war started, he volunteered in a Canadian rifle company in Ottawa because he wanted to see action as quickly as possible. Maria is devoted to her patients and her cause, abbyy pdf 2 but something else compels her to risk her life for this soldier.

His conclusions on the proper use of rifles, machine guns and pistols is as useful today as it was years ago. This saga follows their journeys through Gallipoli and the Western Front. The prospect of death in battle was a fearsome prospect for Lucy Morse, who kept desperate hope her husband, William H. He was in an artillery battery at one point, where he was introduced to the Gatling gun. Trapped behind enemy lines while collecting intelligence, he needs to get out of Belgium if he's going to escape with the information and his life.

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While a man of Lieutenant Bennet's station would barely speak to her in other circumstances, something in his kind eyes inspires a passion deep within her. But there has only been one Sergeant Carlos Hathcock. His record is one of the finest in military history, with ninety-three confirmed kills. In Australia joined England and declared war on Germany and it's allies.