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Editing handles will appear at each corner and the center of each edge, as shown below. The properties of the physical layers are defined in the Layer Stack Manager. Enable the required modes in the Interactive Routing preferences page. Cycle through the various track corner modes.

Note that Fields need to be defined above or below the Column region of the template. This will automatically disable the creation of a placement room for that schematic sheet. Fields Fields provide project-level information. Click the Priorities button down the bottom of the dialog to change priorities. Note that you do not need to enter the file extension in the Save As dialog, this is automatically appended.

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Click the Search button to begin the search. Regardless of the current setting for the units, you can include the units when entering a value in a dialog or panel to force that value to be used. Existing users Remember me. While continuing to hold down the mouse button, move the mouse to drag the component.

The next step is to change the board shape. Use this feature when positioning text.

Please fill out the form below to get your free trial started. The rule supports checking against the opening in the mask, or checking against the copper exposed by that opening in the mask. Each set of component pins that you have connected to each other now form what is referred to as a net. The function of this rule is to ensure there is sufficient separation between the silkscreen objects and the copper. Use the dialog to navigate to a suitable location, and enter the name Multivibrator in the File Name field.


Now click on Mask in the tree on the left of the dialog to show the current Solder Mask Expansion rules, there should be one rule, called SolderMaskExpansion. Solid - the segment has been placed. Leave all other fields at their default values and click the Pause button to return to part placement, the capacitor will be floating on the cursor. Look down the row labels to find the Passive Pin row.


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The cursor will change to a red cross when the net label is correctly positioned to connect to the wire. This indicates that the cursor is over a valid electrical connection point on the component.

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If would like to speak with a representative, please contact your local Altium office. In this section of the tutorial, you will manually route the entire board single-sided, with all tracks on the top layer. The tutorial board, common english mistakes pdf ready to be used to explore ActiveRoute.

Online Documentation for Altium Products

In that case, why do you need an evaluation license? Libraries are installed in the Installed tab of the Available Libraries dialog.

When you are moving a component with the mouse, you can constrain it to an axis by holding the Alt key. Beacuse the editing process is paused, you can use the cursor to move to another field in the panel.

Circuit for the multivibrator. Click on a colored square to change the setting, continue to click to move to the next check-level. It means you select the connection or connections to route, choose the layer, and run ActiveRoute.

The tutorial components are going to be placed from the Vault, which is discussed shortly. Editing is paused when you press Tab during placement - click the Pause button to return to placing the component. This flips the component along the X axis.

Move the cursor and you will find that a copy of the transistor has been placed on the schematic sheet, and you are still in part placement mode, with the transistor outline floating on the cursor. Project outputs, such as assembly, fabrication outputs and reports can be set up from the File and Reports menus. You are now in part placement mode. These settings are used when you compile the project. Take some time to explore the features and behavior of the panel, right-click in the different areas for context-specific commands.