Criminal Code Of Ethiopia Pdf

Historically, elite women in Ethiopia have been visible as administrators and warriors. We welcome dialogue on these and other human rights issues with the government of Ethiopia and with the leadership of Somali Regional State. In addition, many Oromos, including asylum seekers, who are arrested in Somaliland and forcibly returned to Ethiopia are often held in Jail Ogaden. Some would die because of hunger.

Criminal code of ethiopia pdf

To the Prime Minister of Ethiopia

According to former prisoners, prison officials took various steps to ensure that Commission officials did not get an accurate picture of detention conditions. In at least one case, our research indicates that state agents killed family members of an Ethiopian in the diaspora who spoke out. Tsehai Berhane-Selassie, ed.

Former prisoners said that serious overcrowding in Jail Ogaden meant that they were forced to take turns sleeping or being packed tightly together when they tried to sleep. An individual prisoner would be made to stand to be interrogated by other members of the group. According to two former Somali Region judges who spoke to Human Rights Watch it was very rare for a prisoner from Jail Ogaden to be brought before court.

Women in Ethiopia

Those prisoners in the worst physical conditions were either moved out of the prison that day or were relocated to cells under the guard towers away from the Commissioners. Abiy Ahmed, should urgently order investigations into the horrific situation, and the government should ensure regional security forces and officials are held accountable. Few blankets were available, and many rooms had inadequate fresh air, ventilation and light, a problem compounded by the dire sanitation conditions inside many of the rooms. In some instances, former prisoners said that prisoners died in the cells and they attributed these deaths to injuries sustained during interrogations. There were reports of people bringing food to prisoners in Jail Ogaden and ending up getting arrested.

We are Like the Dead

Former inmates told Human Rights Watch that there were times where there would be mass releases of prisoners if overcrowding was reaching a breaking point. Officials stripped naked and beat prisoners and forced them to perform humiliating acts in front of the entire prison population, as punishment and to instill shame and fear. However, most others said that many births occurred in the prison and said that they had witnessed both maternal and infant deaths during or following the delivery. The government frequently attempts to identify victims of and witnesses to human rights violations who provide information to the media or human rights groups. Prisoners upon arrival at Jail Ogaden are searched and all belongings, including jewelry, watches, mobile phones, and money are confiscated.

Defense of infancy

They should also seek to encourage former prisoners of Jail Ogaden to come forward, report their experiences and protect them from the threat of reprisals. What investigative reports are available have lacked even the most basic semblance of impartiality. Thirty-two of the former prisoners were women. It was an order from the office. Beatings were carried out at all times of day and at various locations in the prison.

There are eight guard towers around the inner and outer walls. Former prisoners described a horrific reality of constant abuse and torture, with no access to adequate medical care, family, lawyers, or even, at times, food. Other Inhumane Prison Conditions V. In Somali Region there is virtually no independent media or civil society. In the Somali region of Ethiopia, it seems like everyone knows someone who was locked up in the dreaded Jail Ogaden, but no one wants to speak about the horrors there.

List of international rankings List of top international rankings by country Lists by country. Decision making and the insanity defense. Abdullahi Abdi provided production assistance and support. He often used these materials to promote himself and the activities of the security and development sectors.

The few prisoners who did visit it said there were no qualified personnel on staff and only a few medicines. Samatar Abdi, research assistant, Africa division, Soleyana Gebremichael, intern, Africa division provided invaluable assistance with desk research and translation. Human Rights Watch has been unable to ascertain what disciplinary actions, if any, occurred as a result of the findings brought forward during the gemgema. We are just free to enter and take people, there is no process for us. In the heart of the eastern city of Jijiga, just five minutes from the University, lies one of the most notorious detention centers in Ethiopia.

Age of criminal responsibility in Australia. However, although no criminal liability is inferred, other aspects of law may be applied. Redirected from Age of criminal responsibility. The Ethiopian Criminal Procedure Code, in the process of revision, quran para 5 pdf contains new responsibilities around interrogations but Human Rights Watch has not seen the final version.

Prisoners reported that guards and Liyu police who took women away were sometimes drunk or under the influence of khat, a mild stimulant grown in the Ethiopian highlands and popular among Somalis. They owed their rights to landed property because of a special type of land tenure that expected tenants to serve as militia to overlords, irrespective of gender. Human Rights Watch wrote to the government of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission in April to share the findings of this report and to request input. Consideration should be given to inviting individuals from outside Ethiopia with relevant expertise. Named individuals had clear command responsibility and control over prison guards during the time of serious abuses or personally carried out abuse according to more than two interviewees.

The two former judges noted that Liyu police members, often times the very people who have been torturing the prisoners during interrogations, are present in the courtroom. When I got released into the main jail, I wanted to talk to everyone. In the assessment video, prison guards described eating food that was brought by family members and intended for detainees.

Women in Ethiopia

Human Rights Watch would like to thank various people, including translators in Ethiopia and elsewhere who, despite concerns of possible government reprisals, shared their experiences with us. While restrictions are countrywide, they are particularly draconian in Somali Region. The report was prepared for publication by Fitzroy Hepkins, administrative manager.

Many have never been charged or convicted of any crime. They get burns that we see later.

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Criminal code of ethiopia pdf

Defense of infancy

We exercised torture and beatings. Former prisoners said they were notified in advance of the visit and were told what to say and what not to say. If the state failed to offer sufficient evidence of capacity, the infant was entitled to have the charges dismissed at the close of the state's evidence. However, the role of women was limited at the national level.