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This can be played as a team game, where the first group to match all the photos and captions correctly wins the game. Variations I The person who completes the question passes the slip on to the next personr who u'rites an answer underneath and puts it in the bag. Check that your students are familiar with the grammar point and Other structures and in the Grarnrnar above. Ask them to put them in two separate piles face down on the table. The other players must guess what each team does.

These can thcn be dealt rvith in a feedback sessionafter thc game. When the time is up, find out n'hich group has made the most correct sentences and ask them to read theirs out. He likes reading I foorball.

If you have the time and resources, obviously printing or pasting the materials onto card or laminating them would help preserve their shelf-life. If any player picks up a picture that matches one on her own board, she should replace it at the bottom of the pile and take another. Give each pair a set of pEr canos.

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The aim of the game is to make an exchange that is satisfactory to both sides. If it does, he should replace the card at the bottom of the pile and take another.

Do one example with the whole class to show them ho'uv to do it. The player rvho completes his board first is the wrnner. The winner is the player who gets rid of all her cards first.

Elementary Grammar

Elementary Grammar

They should shuffle the cards together and spread them out face dorvn on the table. Thev can aiso serve as a diagnostic tool for the teacher, n'ho can note areas of difficulty and take appropriate remedial action. Read one out without saying the names, e. Vocabulary These words and expressions are provided on the cards.

Give each group three or four sets of quEs-ticrr. If you are concerned to restrict the questlons to object questions only and to avoid students making subject questions e. Give out the cards to each group in turn. The Lost Property officer should cross out the item on his drawing.

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Tell them they are playing together in these pairs against the other pairs in the group. Ask them to spread them all out facc up on the table so that they can all see them.

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For example, students count in a circle, each student saying a number. ThE player with the matching picture, who guesses correctly, can take both cards and discard them.

Player I should look at her cards. And Dad is still going to bed earlY! Players will then have to remember where the half sentences are.

At some point in the evening they met each of the other members of the group. They should visit other groups and ask for items, c. There ttren't any matches. Also note that no punctuation is used in the woRos cards so that the players are not given too many clues.

Tell them they are cousins, looking at some family photos. But he doesn't hazte any feet.

Elementary Grammar Games.pdf

English Practice and Progress Grammar Elementary. Pairwork, ipc in marathi pdf arranging and guessing game Grammar point ertr. Check that your students are familiar with the grammar point and Other structures and in the Grammar with the words listed under Vocabulary for this game. Grammar point The pair that does so wins the game. Some of the games in this book function more like thc first t.

The object of the garne is to rnake as rnany questions as possible frorn the words on the table'. Check that your students are familiar with the grammar in the Grarnrnar point and with the words listed under Vocabulary, above. Ted, for example, can say'I didn't.

Then ask them, n'orking individuaily for three minutes, to use the cards to make as many sentences as possible that they believe to be true about their partner, e. The object of the garne is to find out which two people are going out together tonight. They can use the words on the cards as many times as they like to create different true sentences.

These are the Property offices'. She can then use them on her next turn. You will also need a paper bag per group. Each group will need paper and a pen or pencil, to keep score. Ask them to spread them out face up on the table.

She should give this to Student A, who should put it on the correct calendar. Grammar point going to - we use amlislare goittg to follou.

Small group, information gap game. The object of the garne is to rnatch pictures and verbs, and to rnake a sentence, using the past sirnple, describing the picture. When students take quesrions and answers from the bag, they try to guess who answered the question.

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The numbers are printed to show you the correct answers for the games. Games can be used at an-v-stage of the iesson once the target language has been introduced and explained. Ask players in each group to group themselves in pairs. What or Where and use do or does. Divide the students into pairs.

The player with the most points at the end is the winner. They each know who some of the people in the photos are. For example,'My ntum thinks she'sgoing to zuatchEastEttders, but she's wrottg becattseI'm going to watch a aideo! The first player to do this can put the appropriate cAprIoN canos under the photo and claim a point.