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Section - - Acts Of The Company. The rules of equity and of common law applicable to companies shall continue in force except so far as they are inconsistent with the provisions of this Code. The provisions of Part T of this Chapter shall apply to, and on the appointment of any receiver by or on behalf of the debentureholders. Section - - Alternate Directors. This is because the name under which BondziSimpson is carrying on business, while it may contain his name, it has also added something, ie and Company.

He was a resource person consulted by the Statute Law Review commissioner to critique the Code and subsequently the bill that was prepared and he was a member of the two mentioned Committees. Part N-Accounts and Audit. Any one or more persons may form an incorporated company by complying with the provisions of this Code in respect of registration. Despite these developments in commercial practice and business organisations until the midth century there was no specific legislation relating to companies.

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The Ordinance virtually reproduced the English Companies Act. Section - - Powers Of Liquidator. Section - - Annual General Meetings.

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Ghana company law pdf

The distinction between an unincorporated company and an incorporated company is alluded to, for example, by s. Provided that the company's Regulations may provide for a larger, but not for a smaller quorum. The terms company, body corporate and corporation are, for all practical purposes, interchangeable. Section - - Types Of Resolution.

Emmanuel Lartey died, and his estate was run by the defendant. Furthermore, the overwhelming emphasis of the Companies Act is on the business company. The Ordinance was itself hastily drafted. In deciding matters that come up for adjudication, the courts interpret and apply the Companies Act and set precedents by which subsequent similar or analogous cases may be decided. Gower Report, Introduction, para.

Section - - Directors Acting Professionally. Section - - Profit And Loss Account. Section - - Accounts Of External Company.

Provided that if an application is made to the Court in accordance with this section for the alteration to be annulled, it shall not have effect except in so far as it is confirmed by the Court. Section - - Waiting Period. The why and the why not of the law is essential for both applying and reforming the Law. He borrowed money from the plaintiffbank.

Ghana company law pdf

Section - - Modes Of Winding Up. Section - - Status Of Liquidator. Section - - Registrar Of Companies. Section - - Presumption Of Regularity.

Section - - Removal Of Directors. Section - - Written Resolutions. Section - - Managing Directors. Section - - Circulation Of Members Circulars. Section - - Enquiriees By The Registrar.

Ghana company law pdf

Case law in Ghana comprises the rules of equity and common law. Firstly the historical development of Company Law in Ghana is linked with the historical development of Company Law in Britain. Indeed, in Ghana, cr oil seal catalogue pdf the accompaniment to the Act is the Gower Report.

Provided that, so long as a company holds its first annual general meeting within eighteen months of its incorporation, it need not hold it in the year of its incorporation or in the following year. Section - - Minutes Of General Meetings. Joe Ghartey, was unable to proceed far with its work, and work stopped altogether after a few months and sittings. Section - - Documents To Be Translated. Section - - Dissolution Of Companies.

Section - - Power To Grant Relief. Section - - Proceedings Of Directors. Section - - Prescribed Forms. Section - - Representative Actions.

Provided that in the case of a series of uniform debentures, a copy of one debenture of the series shall be sufficient. Section - - Balance Sheet. Provided that when all the partners in a firm are joint secretaries the name and principal office of the firm may be stated instead of the residential address of each partner. Provided that where two or more persons hold one or more shares or debentures jointly, they shall, for the purposes of this subsection, be treated as a single member or debentureholder.

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An un-incorporated company has no separation from its members. Business Organisations The word company implies an association of a number of individuals formed for a common purpose.

Relevant Company Law theory can be gleaned from academic texts, reports of various relevant commissions, and legislative working papers. To give a hypothetical example, Bondzi-Simpson and Company is a proper name for an unincorporated firm. Provided that it shall not be necessary for any person to give written notice of loans, guarantees or securities made or given by the company itself.

Furthermore, in the course of interpreting and applying the law and in rendering decisions, judges give reasons. Section - - Inducing Persons To Invest. The provisions of the Act are a clear pointer to this. Section - - Company's Lien On Shares. Section - - Disqualification Of Liquidator.

Section - - Existing Charges. Section - - Remuneration Of Liquidator. Section - - Registration Of Documents. In the narrow and strict sense, Company Law covers the substantive law and procedures relating to the company.

Section - - Form Of Contracts. Provided that nothing herein contained shall derogate from any right the company may have to be indemnified by any other person.