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Keyed Jack Modules offer network security with keyed configurations to prevent unauthorized insertion into adjacent ports. System provides a flexible extension to the internal mounting system inside the enclosure. Several control panel accessories promote worker safety by reducing the need to open the door of the enclosure. Learn more about cabinet bonding straps and studs. The shielded wiring duct routes, separates and shields sensitive wiring from noise emission without sacrificing space.

Reduce enclosure noise with strain relief. This line is painted in a light gray polyester powder paint both inside and out. Flush quarter-turn latches ensure the door gasket sealing surface aligns with the enclosure body for secure closure. Learn more about Panduit wiring ducts. Labels give employees the highest degree of safety by properly labeling potential electrical hazards.

Welcome to nVent HOFFMAN

Welcome to nVent HOFFMAN

Matching the enclosure and panel infrastructure to the environment is vital to provide maximum equipment protection, safety, performance and a long lifecycle. They are painted with light-gray polyester powder paint on the inside and outside. Your shopping cart is currently empty.

Learn more about secure latches for electrical cabinets. Enclosure lights ensure components can be seen even in remote, darkened applications. Protect cabinet equipment with conductive panels. See how an adapter makes enclosure component installation easy.

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Conductive panels deliver a consistent bonding surface to help eliminate unwanted noise. Secure your control panel padlock inserts. The premier wire management solution for routing, protecting, and concealing wiring in control panels.

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For the current preview session, this page lists the search rules that have been triggered by your search. Continue Shopping Checkout. Environmental considerations drive the selection of enclosures, enclosure accessories and products to manage the environment inside the enclosure. Give employees the highest degree of safety with proper labeling and communication.

These kits add another layer of security to your enclosure. Floor-mount and free-standing enclosures are available with dual access doors. These wall mount enclosures provide industry-leading protection for components in corrosive or wet environments. See more about warning labels for electrical enclosures.

Save space with an enclosure grid system. Freestanding Enclosure Base Type. Electrical Enclosure Solutions.

An effective enclosure acts as a shield in all directions while allowing access to the equipment inside through the doors and cable entry points. This item has been successfully added to your list. Learn more about protecting your enclosure with security devices. Keep employees safe by using external data pockets to keep information outside of the enclosure.

You can create lists of products for regular needs, special projects, even use one as a wishlist. Maintain cabinet equipment with data access ports. Maximize your facility space with enclosure platforms that allow you to fit more into existing panels.

Protecting personnel from unintended access to hazardous equipment and safeguarding mission critical information are critical to any business enterprise. Our partnership provides you with products and accessories that allow you to create the layers of security that fit your needs.

Junction Boxes

Hoffman makes several enclosure lines with specific features. With their basic junction box, Hoffman makes contoured variations, as well as junction boxes with dome covers. These Hoffman cabinets are available with hinged window or solid doors, project report on bridge construction pdf and solid screw covers. Use this enclosure in commercial and industrial applications that require a junction box or pull box in a corrosive environment. Panduit Network Security Device Keyed Jack Modules offer network security with keyed configurations to prevent unauthorized insertion into adjacent ports.

Recommend products based on my needs. This single-door enclosure provides industry-leading protection for systems incorporating large components or complex mounting configurations in highly corrosive environments. Add another layer of security to your enclosure with this handle kit. The explosion is often triggered by operator movement or contact with the energized equipment.

Polyurethane foam gasket has been poured to form a seamless gasket that provides a dust-tight, moisture-tight seal. The enclosure is typically used in food-processing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, petrochemical plants and waste-water treatment facilities. When selecting an enclosure and control panel infrastructure it is important to understand all the factors relevant to the specific application. Read more about Panduit cabinet noise shields. No more memorizing or cross-referencing!

Protecting personnel from unintended access to hazardous equipment and safeguarding mission critical information is essential to a business enterprise. Jack Block-out Device blocks unauthorized access to jacks. Enclosure Environment Rating. Map your company's internal part numbers to items, then use your part numbers for searching and ordering.