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When using a tripod, use the tripod screws to fix the microphone in place. Turn on all components connected to this unit.

Yamaha HTR manual

Easy Setup Guide - Yamaha Corporation. Connect them to the appropriate output jacks on the external components. Use video jacks of the same type ex. If this should occur, replace the batteries with new ones, and set the remote control codes. The Setup menu that allows you to configure all parameters on this unit appears.

Yamaha HTR-3063 Owner s Manual

The range of rates that can be played back is determined based on the sampling rate, whereas the dynamic range representing the sound level difference is determined by the number of quantized bits. Music Video This sound field offers an image of a concert hall for live performance of pop, rock and jazz music. You can adjust the level of the sound field effect while checking the sound effect.

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Pillars and ornate carvings create extremely complex reflections from all around the audience, producing a very full, rich sound. Use a subwoofer that is equipped with an internal amplifier.

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Government End Users shall acquire the Software with only those rights set forth herein. Place it exterior to the front left and right speakers facing slightly inward to reduce echoes from the wall. Default setting Off Sets the dynamic range at the lowest level for playback. Connecting the banana plug Except U. Place these speakers at an equal distance from the ideal listening position in the front of the room.

The frequency is equal to or higher than kHz, with a dynamic range of dB. Dimmer Sets the Brightness of the front panel display. If initialization is selected, it will be performed when the unit is powered on again.

Test Tone Small Default Select this for small speakers. Loosen the speaker terminals. Combine input connected to the external component video output with another input audio jack. Turn the test tone off when you have finished making adjustments.

Yamaha HTR manual

The sound field restrains reverberations but puts emphasis on reproducing a powerful space expanded widely to the left and right. When you have completed the settings for one speaker, repeat the same procedure for all speakers to complete settings.

In case of differences between the manual and product, nl ohs regulations pdf the product has priority. Level Manually adjusts the volume of each speaker. Use manual station preset.

When using a screen, place it just under the center of the screen. The following menu items are provided for each input source.

Repeat steps to adjust the tone to your liking. Off Default Settings are not protected. Manufactured under license under U. The front panel display shows the speaker that is outputting the test tone. Off Default Depending on the size of the front speakers, either the front speakers or the subwoofer produce the front channel low-frequency components.

License Agreement and Download File

Press this key when this unit is in standby mode to switch on the unit. AutoPowerDown Goes into standby mode. Selects settings for stereo playback or enhancers for compressed audio. You can even enjoy surround sound presence with just a minimal configuration of the front speakers only. These keys are used when using the tuner input.

When the wireless d connection is complete, you playback from Bluetooth components. Switch this unit to the standby mode, and then switch it on again.

As a safety precaution, when the protection circuitry operates three times consecutively, the capability to turn on the power is disabled. If this occurs, reselect the input source. Some functions may not be available for some Yamaha iPod universal dock models. Since home conditions, such as room size, wall material, number of speakers, and so on, can differ so widely, it is inevitable that there are differences in the sound that is heard. The protection circuitry has been activated because this unit was turned on while a speaker cable was shorted.

Yamaha HTR Manuals

Yamaha HTR-3063 Manuals

Set to approximately half volume or slightly less than half. Amp Default Outputs audio through this unit only. This is useful for low-volume audio. The preset with the lowest preset number will be selected automatically immediately after presetting. The increased contrast ratio can represent many times more shades of gray between black and white.

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Connect the audio cables properly. Cursor indicators Light up if corresponding cursors on the remote control are available for operations. The indicator goes out when charging is finished.

Keep the room as quiet as possible during measurement. The floor can seat people to the left and right in a sound field offering real and vibrant sound.

This may damage this unit or the speakers. Mono Movie This program is provided for reproducing monaural video sources such as a classic movie in an atmosphere of a good old movie theater. Make sure that the frequency entered is correct. It offers pleasant reverberations that are suitable for courtly music and chamber music. Suitable for viewing any movie.