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Divisional commissioners District magistrates Additional district magistrates Sub-divisional magistrates Special executive magistrates. Amalgamating several Central and State taxes into a single tax would mitigate cascading or double taxation, facilitating a common national market. Chief Justice of the High Court.

Early in this period, which culminated in the creation of the Gupta Empire, relations with ancient Greece and Rome were not infrequent. Indian labour law are among the most comprehensive in the world. Law commission of India's first report was relating to the Liability of the State in Tort. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Writ Jurisdiction is also original jurisdiction of High Court.

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Filing cases, proceedings, and all other details will be in computers. The authority to levy a tax is derived from the Constitution of India which allocates the power to levy various taxes between the Centre and the State. This has resulted in a Memorandum of Procedure being followed, for the appointments. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Similarly on this site you can check your cases status, your can see judgments and orders.

They administer justice in India at a district level. The constitution and hence judiciary need continued review to ensure they don't lose relevance, with the present and are kept in synch with the changing times. Now by and large all the District and Taluka Courts in the country are computerised. But people's experiences fall far short of this ideal. The International and Comparative Law Quarterly.

Justice of the High Court. Christian law, to a great extent is based on English law but there are laws that originated on the strength of customary practices and precedents. The sub-ordinate judiciary works in appalling conditions. Christian law of Succession and Divorce in India have undergone changes in recent years.

Judiciary of India

Judges used to be appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Union Cabinet. State of Maharashtra was overturned by higher courts on the grounds that the jury was misled by the presiding judge and were susceptible to media and public influence. It covers the entire spectrum of family law so far as it concerns Christians in India. But who should become a judge was a matter of opinion and could not be questioned. They were also the first women in India to be given capital punishment.

Judiciary of India

By now Christian law in India has emerged as a separate branch of law. The constitution prescribes a federal structure of government, with a clearly defined separation of legislative and executive powers between the Federation and the States. The district court is presided over by one District Judge appointed by the state Government.

Indian legal system pdf

See Juriglobe for further information open access. These websites are updated daily by a technical team.

World of Fatwas or the Sharia in action. The federal police are controlled by the central Government of India.

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The Additional District Judge and the court presided have equivalent jurisdiction as the District Judge and his district court. The Indian Divorce Amendment Act of has brought in considerable changes in the grounds available for divorce.

Law of India

This section needs expansion. Indian personal law is fairly complex, with each religion adhering to its own specific laws.

Articles to of the Constitution lay down the composition and jurisdiction of the Court. However, according to some, the executive has not been diligent in using this power to reject the names of bad candidates recommended. Overseas citizens of India have no form of political rights or participation in the government, however, and there are no plans to issue to overseas citizens any form of Indian passport.

For searching cases status, judgments, or cause lists various search options are given. Transparency International. Courts of executive magistrates Divisional commissioners District magistrates Additional district magistrates Sub-divisional magistrates Special executive magistrates. Autonomous administrative divisions Cities Districts Municipalities States and territories.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Principal judge of family court is equivalent to District Judge. As far as Hindus are concerned Hindu Law is a specific branch of law. Government usually appoints Law Commission panels to study and make non-binding recommendations for the law reform. At the federal level, the many agencies are part of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, and support the states in their duties.

Indian legal system pdf

Indian Legal System India's legal system is a mix of common, Muslim and customary law. If the vacancies were filled, pendencies would go down and make the justice system deliver efficiently. Muslim Personal Law in India. The Supreme Court of India.

It governs entrance into contract, and effects of breach of contract. In addition to the district judge there may be number of Additional District Judges and Assistant District Judges depending on the workload. The Republic of India is a constitutional democracy. The development of constitutional tort law in India began in the early s. Larger cities also operate metropolitan police forces, under respective state governments.

Courts of Judicial Magistrate of Second Class. Act was referred to Parliamentary standing committee which has submitted its recommendations. Use the resources listed below for general information about India. The jury found no place in the Indian Constitution, and it was ignored in many Indian states.

Indian legal system pdf

Undertrials outnumber convicts in the prison population of Indian jails. Indian law follows principles of English law in most areas of law, but the law of trusts is a notable exception. State owes tortious Liability under Article of Indian Constitution. India's legal system is a mix of common, arctic dreams pdf Muslim and customary law. Legal Traditions of the World.