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But when the Breeds are incriminated in a series of violent murders, it's left to Cassa and Cabal to discover the truth before they become prey. The female protag just needed meds to treat a bad case of bi-polar. And for the last six she has worked for him. There's a lot of action, suspense and a major story line that revolves around Tehya's criminal relatives who had been involved in white slavery especially the selling of white women. Half the time I was trying to figure out how certain people fit into the plot, and sometimes I was trying to figure out where people came from when they showed up on page.

Dawn's Awakening Lora Leigh. As I said, this is the first Lora Leigh book I have read and the sex scenes definitely lived up to the hype I have read about. This is actually the first full-length book by Lora Leigh I have read. Several people come out to risk their lives, libro de los amores ridiculos pdf and she acts immature and whiney. The good guys keep wondering why they want her alive so badly.

Live Wire is part of the Elite Ops series and I believe it's the last book in the series. Leigh included in the beginning of Live Wire. Live Wire Jordan's handle is no exception. It was supposed to be simple. Foreplay is way too long and the moment their done, you get like a paragraph and their doing it again!

It's gives some nice closure to the series. It was certainly steamy enough and the two main characters had a lot of physical chemistry and some intense love scenes. The plot read odd to me, not sure if it's because it just wasn't written clearly, or if I just wasn't engaged enough, probably a combination of both. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If in the other books from the Elite Ops.

It was actually what kept me reading. The action, the characters, the storyline - all come together to form a superior volume.

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Fighting for the survival of his pride, Callan Lyons is a genetic experiment whose struggle for freedom has been ongoing for many years now. It came across as fake and obvious.

Or maybe there was more than one Arthur? Empece a leer este libro hace un mes y hasta ahora no habia conseguido terminarlo, la razon principal?

Description of the book Live Wire

Such an incredibly action packed story with many surprises inside! That is all this story has got.

Dopo di che ho abbandonato. This was a synthesis she brought with her into her later education.

Okay, yeah, he's a guy, but he has so much evidence of the power of love all around him. This book just failed to fully engage me and I found myself reading it just to finish it rather than because I was really interested in the outcome. The only time she has felt the least bit safe was during her stint with the Elite Ops Team. No it was not the train wreck that was Heat Seeker or as bad as Renegade, but totally disappointing. Tehya joined the Elite Ops due to her specialized communications skills.

It didn't hold my interest one bit. It was interesting, engaging and worked for the story. That is when Cambria Flannigan steps into the picture, and this is someone that he never wanted to hurt.

Loved catching up with them and it was nice to see Noah play a big supporting character in his Uncle's book. Can she show him her heart means what it says forever? Jordan's age didn't work for me. Can she and the others show him love is always enough?

Being in such close quarters with her forces him to reexamine his so called illusions. He has convinced himself that love will never be possible. The discussion for it is this weekend so I had to hurry up and finish it. At least for me and that was about what I expected it to be. He doesn't run away from having sex with her though Men!

Fai quello che devi o levati dai piedi, sono stata chiara? She felt him coming closer to her and tensed, knowing that the connection to him would be severed forever once she walked out of the base. It is just too bad that the past nightmare comes back to haunt her. Tehya finds a home and a business to buy - only to be interrupted by her past. How many of those protectors were untrained or alone?

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Jordan's elite ops team have served their terms, have found women to love, and have families to build. The plot wasn't terribly interesting to me.

He was getting too damned old to kneel the way he used to. He was always the logical one, the one with all the plans, the one who had an answer for everything and the one who didn't mind stepping on a few toes if that got the job done. You can only hear about something so many times before you want to start bashing your head into a wall.

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Jordan and Tehya don't disappoint there, however the number of scenes was over the top. Martins will do a better job at editing in the future, because there were times when it was seriously annoying. Tehya's a really interesting character. He warned his teammates and friends to stay away from her but he never made a move on her himself.