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The Apple earphones that came with your iPod nano connect to the earphone port on the bottom of iPod nano. Flick up or down to Tap an album cover to show song controls. The iTunes Store may not be available in all countries or regions.

On the Home screen, tap Settings. When multiple devices are available, a speaker icon appears next to the volume control for music, and in the additional playback controls for other types of audio, video, and movies. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. For information, see the documentation for those accessories.

Where to Download Manuals for All iPod Nano Models

User manual Apple iPod nano User Manual. You should update iPod nano to use the latest software. Photos are optimized for viewing on iPod nano, but you can also add full-resolution photos. Increases or decreases the rate of speech for VoiceOver.

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If you transfer the movie back to iTunes, you can only watch it there and not on iPod nano. Add photos to a folder on your computer. View photos on iPod nano You can view photos on iPod nano individually, or as a slideshow. Place the earbuds in your ears as shown. Take care not to spill any food or liquid on iPod nano.

Playing Podcasts, Audiobooks, And Itunes U Collections U is a part of the iTunes Store featuring free lectures, language lessons, and more, which you can download and enjoy on iPod nano. If you enable iPod nano for disk use, you can copy voice memos from the folder.

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Controlling Playback A third screen shows song lyrics if you added them in iTunes. Voice Memo Opens the controls for recording and managing voice memos, if a microphone is connected to iPod nano, or if there are voice memo recordings on iPod nano.

Select a song or other item on iPod nano, then press the Delete or Backspace key on your keyboard. Photos Photos Syncing Photos iPod nano lets you carry photos with you, so you can share them with your family, friends, and associates. When Invert Colors is on, the screen looks like a photographic negative. Icon What it means Shows that a song, podcast, audiobook, or iTunes U episode is playing. Tap the Now Playing screen to see the radio controls, and then swipe left to see the Live Pause controls.

This software is optional. You can once again use standard gestures to control iPod nano. From the Home screen, tap Settings. Voice Memos Voice Memos You can record and listen to voice memos on iPod nano, label them, and then sync them to iTunes.

You won't find a printed manual in the box that your iPod nano comes in. Photos Photos iPod nano lets you carry photos with you, so you can share them with your family, friends, and associates. Avoid getting moisture in openings. Clock Clock You can use the clock on iPod nano as a stopwatch, as a timer, and to show the time for multiple time zones.

Tap Reset, or tap Cancel if you change your mind. You can wait for scrolling to stop, or touch anywhere on the screen to stop it immediately. Other Features The status bar shows the elapsed time. Count Steps Count steps Set a Daily Step Goal, then let iPod nano count your steps while you walk and track your progress and calories burned over time. But that doesn't mean that Apple doesn't make manuals for the nano.


On the Home screen, tap Clock. Tap the icon, then tap the device in the list. Regulatory Compliance Information Apple product.

To avoid injury, read all operating instructions and safety information in this guide before using iPod nano. They appear in iTunes, where you can preview and purchase them on the iTunes Store.

Shows that a song, podcast, audiobook, or iTunes U episode is paused. Drag Drag over scrubber bars or sliders to move their controls.

It just doesn't print them anymore. Basics Basics You control iPod nano with quick gestures on the Multi-Touch screen, with buttons on the top and side of iPod nano, and with controls on compatible accessories. For more information, see iTunes Help. If you forget the passcode, you can restore iPod nano. Before you can use a Bluetooth device, you must pair it with iPod nano.

Apple Operations Mexico, S. Apple Computer Trading Shanghai Co.

Download Manuals for All iPod Nano Models

You can set iPod nano to show a clock when you wake iPod nano from sleep, so you can quickly check the time. You can run or walk during your workout and iPod nano will calculate the distance you traveled. You can customize iPod nano with preference settings, carl sagan the cosmic connection pdf and sync with your computer using iTunes.

When the minute limit is reached, the earlier recording is cleared as the recording continues. Invert The Screen Colors Invert the screen colors You can invert the colors on the iPod nano screen, which may make it easier to read. Here's your guide to identifying which model you have and then getting the correct manual for your nano. You can also restore the software, which puts iPod nano back to its original state. Swipe left twice to see the Timer controls.

When White on Black is on, the screen looks like a photographic negative. They appear in iTunes, where you can preview and purchase them in the iTunes Store. In some lists, such as Playlists, you can flick down to show editing controls at the top.

This is the name that appears in the device list on the left side of the iTunes window. Press the Volume Up or Volume Down button to adjust the volume while listening to songs or other media. Tap a photo to see controls, and tap to return to the thumbnail view.

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In iTunes, select iPod nano in the device list. If you use iPhoto, you can also sync Events and Faces, and then view photos this way. If applicable to your model, Apple may to applicable updates. While the radio is playing, tap the Radio screen. Creating Genius Playlists A Genius playlist is a collection of songs that go with a song you choose from your library.