Philips IntelliVue MX800 Instructions For Use Manual

If your monitor is connected to an Information Center, the date and time are automatically taken from this. Raise the control panel articulation arm using the trigger release. While imaging a phantom, slowly scroll the tower s across image and verify the appearance of the tower for each element is consistent with the towers for all other elements. Scroll through each frame in the Cineloop buffer.


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Enhance patient cooperation and workflow, and deliver an experience that elevates patient comfort. They swing outward from the middle.

Use UpLink there is no recovery. Therefore Philips recommends that you avoid using electrically radiating equipment in the close proximity of these measurements. If something occurs to take the Platform Power Supply down, the Acquisition Supply also suspends operation. Making alarms inactive during this procedure prevents false alarms. The episode time after the event is called the event post-time.

It appears as a white horizontal line in the wave. Page System users should notify Philips Ultrasound if the confidence test fails. Consider the similarity of the values and the shape of the C.

Insert a new roll so that it fits snugly into its housing and the paper end is feeding from the top. Listen carefully, it can be hard to hear. Event Surveillance Event Surveillance Events are electronic records of episodes in your patient's condition. Silence key Active alarm lamp. Verify that the color in the color box changes to the orange colors.

Pulse pressure variation is defined as the maximal pressure less the minimum pressure divided by the average of these two pressures. The calibration is considered successful if the blink is verified. They can help you to recognize trend patterns and to find interrelationships between measurements, by comparing changes in your patient's condition across different hi-res trend waves. Measuring Frozen Waves To measure a frozen wave, Select the frozen wave.

When the monitor and related products have differing environmental specifications, trailer chassis design pdf the effective range for the combined products is that range which is common to the specifications for all products. See prior Required recovery. The calibration is complete after the second pattern is displayed. The selection of templates listed depends on the report type selected.

Screen Trends Trends configured to display permanently on special monitor Screens are called screen trends. By touching the touchscreen, you can bring the monitor back into operating mode. Advanced viewing to simplify testing. The Drug Calculator helps you to manage infusions by calculating one of these values at a time. In the Graphical Trends window, select Print.

Discover our professional and consumer Philips lighting products. Changes in the impedance due to thoracic movement produce the Resp waveform on the monitor screen. Alarms Alarms The alarm information here applies to all measurements. Enable the archive server or servers by selecting the check-box to the left of each server name. Push the sensor into the holder until it clicks into position.

Rotate all four front panel hanger brackets. Selecting this view activates a cursor that lets you navigate across Show Episode Event the timeline. Tilt the top of the Frontplane assembly toward you and lower it until it rests on the static mat. DuraMax Long Life Decoratives.

Use only the accessories listed as applicable for the intended measurement location in the Accessories section. Alarms Select to switch between on and off. Place the trackball in the trackball reservoir. Use UpLink Reboot software to required. OccuSwitch Wireless Occupancy Sensor.

You can change elements such as alarm limits, patient category and so forth. Select the value field and then use the Enter pop-up keypad to enter the required values. Learn about technical background, protocol optimization strategies, imaging pitfalls and future directions.

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Supporting you at every turn. However, higher temperatures also increase the risk of skin burns. All accessories are for single patient use only. Plug the transducer cable into the module.

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Refer to the instructions for use provided with the accessory. Make sure that you are using the correct sensor for the respective patient category. In the operating room, the Filter reduces artifacts and interference from electrosurgical units.

What is cross border data transfer? When you discharge the patient, these elements return to their default values. This displays the measurement wave menu, which has only wave-related measurement settings.

Each has independent power control and provides individual port current limiting and port status to the hub controller. Find out more about conventional lighting. Verify there are no transducers connected.

System CityTouch connected lighting Smart street lighting saves energy and improves safety. Gently lift the Frontplane assembly up and off the four hanger brackets. The Review Exam display allows you to export images in different formats so they can be viewed on a personal computer. Other configurations are not supported.