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Connect the cables at the heater assembly. Loosen the lug nuts of the left rear wheel. Connect the air intake ducts. Disconnect the negative battery cable first, then the positive cable from the battery. On models without a replaceable switch, the entire control panel will need to be replaced.

Honda Prelude Workshop manual PDF

Note the heater valve is located on the side of the assembly. The battery is located in the engine compartment on all models.

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Lift or reposition the carpet in the luggage area. Use an ohmmeter to check the resistance across the terminals of the injector.

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It is essentially a rotating switch, turning the current on and off to each terminal. Double check the oil level on the dipstick if there was any leakage or spillage during repair.

Install the fuel injectors into the fuel rail assembly refer to the procedure outlined previously in this section. Turn the regulator counterclockwise until it is correctly positioned. Air conditioned models require the removal of the control unit.

Please tell me where I can Find one. There are many other components whose failure may prevent the radiator fan from operating. Refer to the illustration.

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Disconnect the negative battery cable. The switch the only electrical component in the housing. Install the retaining screws holding the control panel. Install the control unit bracket and carefully engage the wiring connectors to their proper location. This will cause the piston to be forced down with much less power.

In addition, some Honda distributors have a vacuum retard mechanism which is contained in the same housing on the side of the distributor as the vacuum advance. On push button type heaters, disconnect the cool vent cable at the heater. Install the radio and glove box. Correct resistance between the power terminal and each other resistor terminal is ohms.

Install the upper alternator bolt. Install the alternator and bracket. Install the retaining bolts centered in the mounts and just snug enough to hold the distributor in place. Position the heater core in the unit, then secure it with the core and pipe clamps. To complete the adjustment operation, tighten the hold-down bolt, taking care not to disturb the adjustment.

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On Preludes, the sensor is mounted on the firewall near the throttle position sensor. Appliance manuals and free pdf instructions.

When the starter pinion and flywheel are fully engaged, the solenoid armature closes the main contacts for the starter, causing the starter to crank the engine. It isn't necessary to know what each digit means as long as the complete number is available when buying parts. Ozone can be formed by sunlight as well as electrical discharge into the air. When the current in the field windings reaches a predetermined control voltage, the voltage regulator grounds the circuit, preventing any further increase. Install the air cleaner housing.

Fuel pumped from an underground storage tank is cool but when exposed to a warmer ambient temperature, will expand. Following the manufacturers instructions, connect a timing light to the engine. Install the wire harness connector and secure the terminal nut. If only the front is supported, the parking brake must be applied and the rear wheels. This increase in engine speed means that the pistons are now traveling up and down much faster.

The drive lugs in the end of the distributor shaft are slightly offset to match the offset in the end of the camshaft. Drain the coolant from the radiator.

Honda Prelude Workshop manual PDF