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Procreate have produced an artist handbook in the form of an ebook or pdf but I thought a video version would help give an overview in a more easily digested format. Now you change the colour, add a drop shadow or edit as you would a normal layer within Procreate. If you copy and paste your text layer into Procreate as it is now, 5 htp pdf it will be very small. See my other tutorials for copying and pasting between apps.

Smudge tool Select the smudge icon and tap it again to bring up the brush pane. However, it can also create a nice effect if it fits your style.

Manipulate the way colour is displayed via layer blends. Letting go will select the value and hide the preview. Pro tip Swipe to reveal Duplicate an awesome brush and make changes to it. Wetness Adding wetness to your Procreate brush gives the same effect as in real-life. Sketchbook is closed and I go into Procreate to paint in the sky and clouds.

Tap it again to invoke the brush library. Clear layer Instantly clear your layer by using a Zmotion anywhere on the canvas. Tapping this will explain how each slider will affect your brush. The internet is a wealth of resources!

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When trying different ideas on your precious art, use a separate layer until youre sure youre happy with the result. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Complete control Procreate features a groundbreaking drawing engine called Silica, This allows unparalleled control over every one of your brushes. This is perfect for creating a high gloss sheen on an eye, glass or any other reective surface.

How to Render in Sketchbook Pro and Procreate

Black erases, white brings it back and different greys affect the opacity. At this point I use that photo of Alicia Keys as a color guide.

The result delivers unparalleled performance on a mobile device. Grain Think of the grain as a paint roller. Turn a layers visibility on or off by tapping the eye icon.

Facebook Pinterest Twitter Share shares. Open the file you want to add the text to, or set up a new canvas. Repairing artwork has never been easier. Creates a new masking layer on top of your existing one.

Yes, you can import fonts. Pro tip In the Advanced Brush Settings popover there is an info button. Combines the selected layer with the one below it into a group. Practice makes perfect and this part is time consuming. Smudge Smudging Colours Procreate uses bits per pixel, giving you the smoothest, most accurate colour-blending on a mobile platform.

Repeat the process until the skin smooths out. This feature means once your edges are right, you will never have to do them again. The Smudge and Eraser tools work in the same manner. Then you can use the select tool to select a specific part of your line art or multiple parts and use a brush for textured effect or drag and drop color to quickly fill out the part.

Two finger turn to rotate layer. Eraser tool The eraser tool is controlled just like the paint and smudge tools. That will give you a lighter but similar color.

Your selected tool will appear blue to indicate it is active. Lock your layers alpha Try blocking out your shape in any colour.

Double-Tap it to edit and type your text. Greetings and welcome to my first video.

Tap on the bottom left circle of the bounding box and start dragging it out slowly. Different strengths While using the smudge tool try playing with varying levels of opacity as it works slightly different to paint.

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Use duplicate as a way of making changes to a layer while having a backup. Can you export a file with transparent background and import into Procreate Yes, you can save your file to your Photos, and import into Procreate. Keep in mind that the top layer will only be presented with merge down, while the bottom layer will only be able to merge up. Lift your finger to select the colour last displayed. On it, you can work with black, white and grey in order to erase parts of the layer or change their opacity without damaging it.

Were always active on our support pages taking in your thoughts, so get vocal! You might enjoy the latest post on the blog showing how to use it for vectorising. Custom brushes As a first for digital painting on the iPad, you can now create your very own brushes.

Below are a number of hand picked drawing tutorials done with the Procreate app on the Ipad. Procreate is the other app that I use for the tutorial. Create a new layer below or above your reference layer and will be affected by it.

How to Render in Sketchbook Pro and Procreate - Snapguide

What is it good forHow to Render in Sketchbook Pro and Procreate - Snapguide

Tweaking your brush While viewing the brush library, double tap or single tap if its already selected to enter the Advanced Brush settings dialogue. This post may contain affiliate links. Simulate real-life painting Procreate has the ability to mimic reallife painting techniqueswithout the messusing two settings called wetness and loading.

The artistic community is huge and fortunately, love to share and help each other. That means you only need to create a brush once to use it across all three tool types! Remember that the layers are transparent. Youll find most of the organising youll need to do is available via a few easy gestures. While in transform mode, you can not paint.