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Is it your first time visiting an English-speaking country and you're getting kind of hungry? How can you impress your boss and help your company become more successful? Making and Handling Complaints. Article Logistics Management Vocabulary. Article Information Technology Vocabulary.

Reading comprehension lessons worksheets activities and handouts

Which of these is best applied in the workplace? As soon as you make your payment, you will receive an email with a link.

Or are you starting your own business and not sure how to grow it? Play games to practice essential English grammar and vocabulary skills.

Another handy feature on BusyTeacher. Find out some more interesting facts about fin whales by completing this endangered species resource. Disputing an Electricity Bill. With this worksheet, students practice determining the meaning of common symbols found in literature. Chivers Hartley literally went back to the drawing board.

Intermediate English reading resources - B1 and B2 levels

Article Nursing and Healthcare English Vocabulary. How much do your students know about the gentle mountain gorilla? In February Chivers Hartley took a step into what was then a relatively new market, ready-made convenience desserts, with a range called Chivers Fruit Cup.

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Create awesome-looking custom word searches in seconds! Crafting a Letter of Acknowledgment. Build an Emergency Kit HelpTeaching. Did you know that great white sharks are now considered vulnerable?

Intermediate English reading resources - B1 and B2 levels

It contains several vocabulary exercises, discussion questions, reading comprehension, listening comprehension audio text is in the hand-out to be read and a role-play at the end of the lesson. Whether you're teaching scanning, skimming, critical thinking, or reading for gist, fiat stilo workshop manual pdf BusyTeacher.

Seducing your customers into buying your product and building a loyalty from that initial purchase are key marketing problems. Yes Yes, you are allowed to photocopy the materials as often as you like and share them your students and teacher colleagues. This is the first worksheet in a series of indefinite length that I'm making for my students.

Is it your first time to have an interview in English and you are not sure how to talk about your work experience, your degree or your strengths? Thank you for joining our mailing list!

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No registration or subscription is necessary to download our worksheets. There are a lot of activities that your students can do such as acting out the dialogue passages, describing and discussing the story characters, adding new chapters to the story, etc. If you think the product is not worth its price you will get a full refund. List Business English Reference. Chivers Hartley, a division of Premier Brands and a traditional name in Preserves, decided to develop a low-sugar preserve range which also tasted good.

They have to guess what the movie is by reading a summary about it. It contains vocabulary exercises, discussion questions, grammar, listening comprehension audio text is in the hand-out to be read and a role-play at the end of the lesson. This reading comprehension includes some interesting information about the River Thames. There are worksheets on just about any topic you can think of - sports, business, history, and holidays to name a few. It is a simple easy-to-follow lesson to teach those just starting out with Business English.

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The circus story has been modified slightly from the original text source incl. Some worksheets you'll find here are appropriate for several - or even for all levels, which means they're reusable for a future lessons with students at different levels. If you were to give yourself a performance review, how would you score?

Article Words that Go Together with Fashion. In this worksheet, students read riddles to try to figure out the mystery word. In the s healthier, lowersugar diets became fashionable, product innovation seemed limited, preserves manufacturers waged price wars, and own-label preserves took market share from brands.

He has also been publishing one of the most popular English language newsletters worldwide. Zero preparation time required. Great White Shark PrimaryLeap. The thumbnail can be opened to full page view, so you can check if the worksheet is right for your lesson. You will simply love the characters in this book.

Account Terms and Conditions. Complete these statements by circling the best answer there may be more than one possibly correct answer according to the text. Article Business English - Taking a Message.

There is no penalty for omitting a question. The only growth niche seemed to be in low-sugar preserves, but consumers were turned off by unconventional tastes and textures. Article Essential Landscaping Vocabulary Words. Article Job Interview Questions and Answers. Learning is fun with Turaco Games - Practice and play now.

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Worksheets that motivate students. Either way, we need to know how to best explain the faults in the products we purchased and how to politely handle a customer's concerns.

It follows the O'Malley family introduced in the last worksheet on a Sunday morning. Assertive and Tactful Communication.

View our latest knowledgebase articles that will help you become a better English teacher. These are just some of the many things you can do to make use of these worksheets in the classroom. The clues include words that rhyme with the mystery word. Vocabulary related to banking.

After reading a passage, you can present a question to students, and ask them to give their opinions of where the story is going. Article Relative Clause Lesson Plan. This is one page of reading, with some questions on the back. What's the best way to handle conflict at work? Social media is today's common answer, but there are other good ways to meet new people.