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The bulbs are under pres- sure and can break when replaced. The front and rear fog lights switch off when the exterior lights are switched off. These may be fitted to the front seats on the driver and passenger side loca- If a severe frontal impact occurs, the tion A.

The oil change warning light remains Warning not reset after oil change. It will latch automatically under its own weight. Locking and unlocking the doors.

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The corresponding indicator light on the instrument panel goes out. When the bulb has been changed, make sure you refit cover A correctly. To select reverse gear Handbrake When driving, make sure the handbrake is com- vehicle stationary To release pletely released. Faulty electrical controls.

Make sure that the seat belts are positioned correctly. At night the vehicle must have its lights on. It is not advisable to touch the electronic circuit in the key cover when replacing the battery. Please keep these instructions with the rest of the vehicle documenta- tion.

Renault Duster Manuals

Lack of power-assisted steer- For maintenance operations on the power-assisted ing oil in the pump. Warning lights on console B Front passenger air bag de- activation warning light.


Refer to the has not been reduced by the water. If seat covers are fitted, make sure these do not prevent the seatback latch from locking in.

Also See for Duster Driver's handbook manual - pages Driver's handbook manual - pages. For vehicles fitted with manual air conditioning, gographie urbaine pdf switch off the system when it is not required. This lights up on the instrument panel Contact an approved dealer as soon as when an oil change is required.

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It is therefore important when or remote controls. The tyre or following a fast journey. Faulty electrical circuit. This switch activates all four direction indicators and the side indicator lights simultaneously.

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It is therefore advisable to return to normal operation external air by moving control D to the right once you are out of the polluted area.

When the main beam headlights are lit up, an indicator light on the instrument panel lights up. It is therefore recom- wheels. An emergency spare wheel or tyre in- flation kit refer to the information on the following pages. Consult an approved dealer. Consult an approved Dealer.

However, we recommend that by its base. Please consult an authorised dealer. When the stalk is released, it returns to the rear wipe position. Free the blades before using the wipers. For safety reasons you should always contact an approved dealer as soon as possible.

Depending cific to the vehicle type. To return to the dipped headlight posi- tion, pull the stalk towards you again. Starting, stopping the engine. Push the headrest in until it locks in po- To raise the headrests A or B sition. You must also position and then have each occu- comply with the legislation of the par- pant adjust their seat belt to ensure ticular country you are in.

Dacia Workshop & Owners Manuals

Renault Duster Manuals

After use, re- place it without pushing it all the way in. The indi- on the position of the selector.

If you always fit genuine replacement parts to your vehicle, you will ensure that it performs well. This po- sition optimises roadholding.

Unclip the bulb from its connector. Refer to the table on the following pages showing display examples. Snow chains must be fitted to the front wheels. With the engine switched off, or if there is a system fault, it is still possible to turn the steering wheel. It will spring back with a click when it is ready.

The engine may be hot The bulbs are under pres- during operations in close sure and can break when proximity. The air flow is distributed be- tween all the air vents, the front side window demister outlets, the windscreen demisting vents and the footwells. When it is at minimum, the squares disappear and the low fuel Overspeed buzzer level warning light comes on.