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The Changamire State and the Rozvi

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Pre-colonial Mutapa State - Global Black History

Nevertheless, Bullock and Posselts works became standard Native Department texts and many Native Department officials who later collected Rozvi oral traditions were influenced by their writings. In their writings, the Rozvi were militarily strong, hostile to the Portuguese, and victorious over them. The Rozvi Empire eventually became the most powerful empire in present-day Zimbabwe. We will pose at this point in order to trace Ndebele history from South Africa up to the time that they settle in South West, types of theology pdf before discussing the Ndebele impact on the Rozvi Changamire state. The capital of the state was in the Dangamombe and Great Zimbabwe area.

Later writers largely failed to criticize Posselts generalizations. It was the Portuguese who characterized the refusal by the Rozvi Changamires to grant them authority to re-establish their old feiras, as a monopoly. In Dombo Changamire invaded the Portuguese feira of Manyika and also conquered the Manyika kingdom in the process. The question that remains to be answered is, why did the Rozvi rulers refuse to let the Portuguese re-establish their old feiras? The Munhumutapa was the leader of the Mutapa Empire and used religion to consolidate their power.

The New World and Sub-Saharan Africa were still in the prehistoric period, although Arab slave trade was beginning to be an important factor in the formation of the Sahelian kingdoms. The whole matter revolved around the Changamires refusal to let the Portuguese re-establish their old feiras. In other traditions he was referred to as Chikurawadyembewu, or simply Chikura. Most of them owned superb defensive sites.

Brilliant Billykash Kashuware. Mining was another major branch and was done by males. It is also clear that the Portuguese desired to re-establish these feiras because of the commercial advantages that would accrue to them from re-establishment. Reason for Anglo-American optimism in Zambia?

Polychrome pottery was also emblematic of its culture. Within this area, the Changamire appears to have exercised close control. It was because of their profound fear of the Rozvi that the Portuguese considered them overlords of all the Shona.

In the s the Portuguese in Manyika, who were paying tribute to the Changamire, refused to continue paying tribute, and were attacked and defeated by Rozvi forces in Maungwe. Effects of Ndebele raids on Shona power. They became the most powerful fighting force in the whole of Zimbabwe.

The basis of power of the Rozvi state comprised of i its huge army ii external trade in gold iii its huge cattle herds. The first expansion of the Ndebele was to the north-west, however. They were linked with Shona religion, especially the Mwari cult.

He began building up his power by seizing some lands that had been under the Mutapa. The economy of this empire was based on agriculture and trade. As we know, this is not true. They described it as powerful, with its power based on the control of the large cattle herds and mines of the southwest of Zimbabwe. Changamire raided the Feira of Dambarare in November and killed all the Portuguese.

The Rozvi State

It was after this battle that the Portuguese began to refer to the Changamire as their fatal enemy. When news of this attack reached all the other Portuguese ferias, the Portuguese deserted all their feiras except Manyika. They ruled over all or almost all the Shona-speaking peoples, and all rulers had to be confirmed by them. It is said that only the Changamire possessed guns. Disruption of agriculture?

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The Changamire State and the Rozvi

Oral tradition asserts that Dombo was a charismatic figure, a character trait that contributed immensely to the strength of the Rozvi army. The Portuguese referred to the Rozvi leader at this time as Changamire and provided no other name. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Charles bullock, who was Posselts contemporary, managed at least to criticize Posselts work, apart from adding to it.

According to Bhila, Dombo Changamire began to gather followers around him self in the s and to assert his independence from the Mutapa. Traditions and documents confirm that the conquest of the Southwest was a rapid process. Ironic, but not surprising. The Conquest of the South-West It seems that after the Rozvi campaigns of the s and s against the Portuguese, Dombo turned his attention back to the conquest of the South-West.

Nhaka yevaShona A detailed history of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Ndebele State and Its Tributaries. According to Posselt, all Shona rulers in Zimbabwe were appointed by the Rozvi in a ceremony known as kugadza ushe, and they all paid tribute to Changamire in skins, ivory and livestock. Federation with Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

The founder of the Changamire dynasty and his Rozvi forces arose out of the upheaval of the mid th century that accompanied Portuguese attempts to conquer the Mutapa and Torwa states. In he extended Rozvi rule to allthe Shona. The Great Zimbabwe, Khami, Torwa, and Mutapa cultures and states were all associated with the names of Changamire and Rozvi in various ways. Changamire was also hostile to the Portuguese, whose numbers were beginning to increase in the s and s. Not long after the fall of the state, Carl Mauch was already collecting oral traditions in that were linking the Rozvi with the fall of Great Zimbabwe and the anger of Mwari.

The first set of Mfecane assailants who attacked the Changamire state included the Sotho of Mpanga, the Ngwana Maseko Ngoni, Zwangendabas Ngoni, all these within a couple of years. Portuguese writers are partly responsible for this myth-making. The year falls into the period of Old World history known as the Middle Ages. Popular in Livestock Farming.