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Definitely the most interesting fiction but very realistic account you can find in English language on the tragic events at Stalingrad. Map Battle of Stalingrad-it. This is a pretty dense and often hard to read book not technically, but on an emotional level and would only recommend to history buffs.

It was called as the Great War. Beevor jumps quickly from event to event, battle to battle, using a series of unconnected anecdotes. Regional ethnic changes were made by such mass movements. This officer realizes as he is describing events how out of touch Hitler is, he thinks that Hitler can only think of flags and maps and not people and reality.

Stalingrad The Fateful Siege - PDF Free Download

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Many civilians were unable to leave the city once the siege was begun, and many of these died. An anti war book like no other, you won't enjoy a second of it, but you'll remember all of it. This book is full of the sufferings of the Germans as well as the Russians, far from home territory, ill equipped for such severe winter and increasingly poorly supported by Hitler. The work is too driven by Plievier's didactic narrative, and not driven by dialogue and imagery. What can one say about this book!

Doesn't wear all that well. Antony Beevor has written a tome that will last the ages. What if, Hitler wouldn't have halted the march of his army to annihilate the British and French troops? Our character is our fate. Indeed a great work by a great historian.

They got trapped and cut off. Unwilling to believe this, Stalin ordered a second pilot to be sent out. This revealing insight into the Nazi mindset is alone worth reading the book and could make an fascinating stage-play about totalitarianism. Sergeant Yakov Pavlov and his platoon stormed and seized the building and successfully defended it from countless German attacks.

Indeed, it should have worked. Casualty estimates are always difficult for a battle of this size, but most agree that over a million lives were lost on both sides.

The book ends with the defeat and surrender of the Germans in February and the beginning of the Soviet advance on Germany. There are too many characters that come and go that it is very difficult to follow all of them, and they simply aren't compelling enough, with the exception of Vilshofen. Even as Stalingrad was falling, Rommel was losing in North Africa and America was gearing up to finally get in the fight. My first Beevor, it was outstanding.

Stalingrad - PDF Free Download

Battle of Stalingrad Casualties

Just when the battle for the streets of Stalingrad appeared to be turning into a stalemate, with Ge This is a painful book to read, as it shows the horror of the war on both sides. Stalingrad Roter Oktober Angriff. The Battle of Stalingrad happened during the second, not the first, world war. But how much crazier do you have to be really to just stand by while that happens?

Assaut allemand sur Stalingrad. Map Battle of Stalingrad he. Stalingrad Stahlwerk Roter Oktober. Books by Theodor Plievier. But in the case of this book it was really a bummer for the German army that had to go try and conquer Russia in the winter.

For more information about the memorial complex, see the official website English, German, Russian. Stalingrad in particular is an event that has always held an enormous amount of my respect and fascination. Don't frick with veterans. Leaders of each region had recklessly tried to get public obed Indeed a great work by a great historian. The Wehrmacht units on the Ostfront would have paid to serve against the Americans and the British, instead of dying by the millions on the pitiless steppes of Russia.

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Painstakingly researched and grippingly told, the book begins with Operation Barbarossa, Hitler's ill-conceived and treacherous plan to invade the Soviet Union. The two most famous fools who dared strive for Moscow were Napoleon and Hitler. Beevor even devotes an entire chapter to explaining how much the Germans loved Christmas, sqc tools pdf and how they tried to celebrate despite freezing and starving to death. It details the subsequent battles and war crimes committed by both sides.

In a sense this is correct, but it is only a foreshadow of what is to come. Josek was tiny, so small and frail that a strong breeze was his natural enemy. The Nazis started it but the Soviets paid them back with interest.

They turned the city to rubble. It's bizarre to think that I lived near and daily walked past where these events occurred. The author gives you an overview of the military situation on the Eastern Front prior to the German Offensive towards Stalingrad on the Volga. There are big troop movements leading up to the fight in the city.

As they approached the shore, they caught the smell of charred buildings and the sickly stench from decaying corpses under the rubble. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. How to open the book to start reading it? It details the weaknesses, disorganization, and eventual disillusion and collapse of the soldiers, officers and general staff as the Russians encircled and crushed the Nazi forces. It's written in a style that readers who like statistics and those who like story driven books will be able to come together as this book has both!

What Beevor conveys better than others is the sheer brutality of the eastern front and the Stalingrad battle. Viewed through the eyes of the Germans, both generals and common soldiers the book graphically portrays the horrors faced. It was his fervent wish that the whole army commit suicide so that they could go down as heroes. Harris plays a fictional German sniper.

Stalingrad (book)

Of course, a background knowledge of the second world war would be helpful coming into this type of book, but is very seriously not required. Call me odd, but I've never been particularly fond of Hitler or Stalin. Depressing but seems real. Another mistake of Hitler was, his compulsion to maintain the position of sixth army at Stalingrad.