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Decline is a stage during which awar of slow destruction between businesses may develop and those with heavybureaucracies may fail. As aresult, they must cope with social responsibility related issues across a broad range ofcultural and geographic orientations.

The social cost should be included in the price. Refers to the ability of an enterprise to identify value, assimilate, and use new knowledge.

It communicates to employees at various levels the direction in which they should move. Typically a vision has the flavors ofBeing Most admired, Among the top league, Being known for innovation, beinglargest and greatest and so on. Where they might want to locate certain productive activities. Shared vision collectively pursued is an ideology. The Board of Directors in public sector banksappoints Works Director.

Companies that dobusiness in expanding industries must grow to survive. The organizations structure and control system gives rise to capabilities which are intangible.

These provide the basis for competitive advantage. The mission should be motivating for the employees to be inspired for action. Innovation results innew knowledge, new product development structures and strategies in a company. The approach may overemphasi!

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It is the stage at which a newindustry emerges. In the s Information technology and Business Process re-engineering, used in conjunction with each other, have emerged as important toolswhich give organizations the leading edge. Organizational Culture The complex set of ideologies, symbols and core values, shared throughout the firm, that influence how the firm conducts business. Typically most profitable, Cheapest etc.

Suchcapabilities are embedded in the routines of the organization and are not easilydocumented as procedures and thus are difficult for competitors to replicate. This discipline may result from the industry.

Evaluation of key resourcesA unique resource is one which is not found in any other company. Usually involves fewer resources and is relatively easy to implement and reverse. The board has to be an independent, strong and non- partisan bodywhere the sole motive should be decision-making through business prudence. Corporate objectives are set in technology for companies like Du Pont and Intel. SathyamComputers conducts extensive discussions with clients and overseas joint venture partners forframing mission statements.

Mproves ommunication . &llocation of resource

The mission should be unique. Pac-man defense A takeover, in which the target bites back, and makes an offer to take over the shares of the suitor. Social responsibility arises from social power enjoyed by the firm. Ryanair wasthe first airline to engage low-cost airlines in Europe.

Vision is a symbol, and a cause to which we want to bond the stakeholders, mostlyemployees and sometime share-holders. Power struggles and coalition building areconsequences of such conflicts. It is a competitively valuable activity that a firm performs better than its competitors.

Notes Strategic Management MBA

Some countries enjoy competitive advantage with regard to certain industries. This diamond represents the national playing field that countries establish for their industries. Each firm serves only a small piece of total market incompetition with others. Fundamental Principles of Corporate Governance. By identifying strategic groups, analysts and managers are better ableto understand the different types of strategies that multiple firms are adopting withinthe same industry.

The survival of an organization mainly depends on itsability to satisfy specific needs of the society. The Government appoints Directors on the board of public sectorenterprises and they are drawn from the concerned Administrative Ministry and FinanceMinistry. Maturity is a stage at which theefficiencies of the dominant business model give these organisations competitiveadvantage over competition.

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Tata Group has objectives relating to society. As mentioned previously, many firms share similar competitive attributes such as pricing practices and product scope. For example, Toyota is one of the worlds leading multinational companies, sellingautomobiles to customers worldwide. Matching Conflicts, Politics and ChangeConflict is common in organizations.

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Notes for mba strategic management unit i. The main purpose of study of strategic management is to examine why someorganization succeed while others fail and yet others completely change. Interpersonal relationships, trust, djvu zu pdf and friendship Nonsubstitutable No strategic equivalent. Inside directors are either shareholders or high-level management from within the company.

These strategies are useful both tocorporations operating in only one product line and to those operating in manyindustries with many product lines. Development of acadre of software professional is set as a major corporate objective. It appears that tobacco companies have done the same thing. For instance, employee turnover apparently looks like a personnelproblem.

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