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There seems to be an odd kind of Electra complex at work in some of the suggestions and attitudes in the book. My quest to find a truly inspiring and helpful book for my husband to read in order to learn more about father-daughter dynamics continues, as this book definitely does not fit the bill. Men are extraordinary performers at work but all too often check out when they get home. She also writes with a palpable passion for the topic and relates her reasoning quite well.

Meeker proposes that a father indoctrinate a daughter with his own religious bias, and justifies it on the basis of better outcomes, e. With twenty-five years experience as a pediatrician, Dr. Love is really about self-sacrifice.

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It made a believer out of me, and I definitely will read this over and over again as my daughters grow older. This book showed me the research and studies on why certain areas of parenting are more important then others in the lives of our daughters. Directly challenging the feminist attack on traditional masculinity, Dr. If you are a mother, don't let the title deceive you - you will want to read it as well.

Having faith is way more than just statistically relevant and important for your daughter to be well balanced and grounded. It seems that each new chapter presents another disturbing issue that I don't really want to deal with, yet is a real issue.

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She has written for Psychology Today online. The intent isn't to create a princess who needs everything from others, but a woman who knows what she wants, what's expected of her, and what she can do. Although I myself am not divorced, I especially appreciate the section for divorced men.

It is understandable that many single mothers might take offense to that message, but hopefully they are able to use this information to address some of those challenges head on. My father d My husband read this book over the summer and it transformed his parenting! If you are looking for a book to agree with, you are look First and foremost, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Every father with a daughter needs to read this book.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Giving your daughter the best chance of success and the lowest risk is the objective of every good parent, but administering a spiritual placebo to achieve that end is of questionable merit. Particularly her facts on faith leap out as just false. He has always been a wonderful father, but this has really helped open his eyes to how vital he is to our daughter's emotional - and physical - well-being and health. In the course of my fathering a freshman adolescent, I have found myself subject to objections, criticisms, and detachment quite unfamiliar to me a couple of years ago.

Finally, the afterword brilliantly encapsulated some action items that I can leave the book working on. And the author has the data to prove it. It's up to you the reader to decide what is what. He works his work, I mine.

Meeker demonstrates that the most important factor for girls growing up into confident, well-adjusted women is a strong father with conservative values. The Day Challenge is the highly anticipated follow-up companion to the national bestseller, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. Strong Fathers, 12at7 pdf Strong Daughters.

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Then, you'll have something concrete to draw upon when she's a teenager. That is one, -neglected aspect- combined with two, -fallacy of composition-.

Meeker articulates that fathers are far more powerful than many themselves believe. This book is a must read to all fathers. Daughters will measure guys A lot of ink digital and actual has been put down about the relationships between fathers and sons.

Also the discussions relating to eating disorders were helpful for someone clueless about such things. My father does love me, but he loves me the best he knows how - and this book spells it out for fathers and is specific in what they need to do.

First and foremost, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Where I draw the line is between advocacy and indoctrination. It helps that the author is a medical doctor, and a believer of traditional values. It was recommended to me as a guidebook for fathers for understanding, relating to and knowing the role they play in their daughters lives. Being highly involved in our girls life eliminates the need for them to go outside the home to find approval, self confidence and love.

However as I started reading I was increasingly disappointed. As a medical doctor who has treated and counseled thousands of girls over the course of her career, she argues against many popular parenting myths. Your daughter deserves better than that. My husband read this book over the summer and it transformed his parenting!

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