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Physically separated hot side and cold side heat sinks in a thermoelectric refrigeration system. The control assembly comprises a thermostat control switch mechanism and a resistive element connected to each other in parallel. The load is then cooled by convection rather than conduction.

When conformal cooling plates or heat absorbers are employed on a bottle or container of liquid, e. Thermoelectric cooling systems, by contrast, provide a measure of advantage to the several shortcomings noted above.

With two Kuehleinrichtungen equipped refrigerator, of which at least one electrothermal cooling device. In order to obtain greater temperature gradients, more stages are needed, However, these devices have very low expansion coefficients and are very brittle. The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the principles of the invention. Opto-electronics, Laser, and Infrared Applications. While the preferred embodiment has been described, the details may be changed without departing from the invention, which is defined by the claims.

The thermostat control switch mechanism has a sensor coupled to or thermally associated with the heat source of the thermoelectric module so that the temperature of the heat source can be monitored. Modules having a wide range of input voltages and currents are available.

The thermoelectric cooling system further includes a thermostat and a resistor which are electrically connected in parallel to one another. At the cold junction side of the thermoelectric module, convective heat transfer takes place from air. Systems and methods for operating a thermoelectric module to increase efficiency. References A, B, complete works of vivekananda pdf free and C illustrate that the metal sleeve may be of a range of dimensions provided that a portion a is kept in cooling contact with a portion of side d of the bottle a.

Thermoelectric module for a thermoelectric generator of a vehicle with a sealing element and vehicle having the thermoelectric module. Explosion-proof enclosures with active thermal management using sintered elements. Devices using this effect, e.

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Portable container for foodstuff with refrigeration and partial vacuum functionalities. The features of the present invention which are believed to be novel are set forth with particularity in the appended claims. The first planar surface of each module is disposed adjacent the second planar surface of adjacent module to provide a serial thermal relationship of the modules. The condensed working fluid then returns to the evaporator section by means of the capillary action of the wick. Method and apparatus for controlling temperature gradients within a structure being cooled.

Thermoelectric devices do not use or generate gases of any kind. Thermoelectric refrigeration system control scheme for high efficiency performance. More particularly, the circuit of the present invention may be used in a thermoelectric bread box or a thermoelectric wine bottle cooling rack. The control assembly comprising a thermostat control switch mechanism and a resistive element connected to each other in parallel.

During the change of state from a liquid to a gas, energy in the form of heat is absorbed. However it is not used conventionally because of its low efficiency. Any of the host of technical articles may be consulted on the subject of heat pipes. This allows articles to be held at different temperatures depending on the location of the article on the shelf.


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In the next step, the compressor recompresses the gas into a liquid. Thus they are popular in many aerospace applications. This phenomenon can be useful when it is necessary to transfer heat from one medium to another on a small scale. For example, the heated air may be circulated to an enclosed area upon which butter or the like may be placed to maintain the butter soft and spreadable.

The first body is operable to absorb heat and thereafter transfer the heat to the second body through the interface, by the Peltier effect, when current is applied to the interface from the d. The problem is that these modules have very low expansion of coefficient characteristics and are very brittle. It is important to note that heat pipes can be made in many sizes and shapes. The vapor pressure drop between the evaporator and the condenser is very small and therefore the boiling-condensing cycle is essentially an isothermal process.

The housing may also include a rack. This method cools a bottle of water faster than a refrigerator using circulated cold air. Alternatively, the load may rest on an insulated surface below a shelf.

The overall thermoelectric cooling system is much smaller and lighter than a comparable mechanical system. The thermo-element materials are doped semiconductors, one n-type with a majority of negative charge carriers electrons and the other p-type with a majority of positive charge carriers holes. In other words, as ambient temperature rises, the internal temperature can be raised to prevent condensation from forming on the load to be cooled such as a loaf of bread.

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Field of the Invention This invention relates to thermoelectric devices and more particularly to stacked or staged thermoelectric modules capable of operation with large temperature gradients. Thermoelectric cooling systems are analogous to conventional refrigeration cooling systems. For example, conventional refrigeration systems must maintain a dosed environment isolated from the ambient. Thermoelectric modules exhibit very high reliability due to their solid state construction.

Devices capable of heating, cooling and power generation using thermoelectric principles and particularly the Peltier effect are well known in the art. In that heat pipes generally are well known in the art, no detailed description of their theory of operation is provided herein. Modules are available in a great variety of sizes, shapes, operating current, operating voltages, and ranges of heat pumping capacity. Liquids cooled by such a structure, or such a process, avoid stratification and substantially unequal cooling.

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The work of heat transport is traditionally driven by mechanical work, but can also be driven by magnetism, laser or other means. Description of the Prior Art Devices capable of heating, cooling and power generation using thermoelectric principles and particularly the Peltier effect are well known in the art.

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Heat dissipation apparatus, two-phase heat exchange device and manufacturing method thereof. From test data it appears that when a conforming cooling plate is used objects cool faster. Temperature control apparatus, information processing apparatus and method for temperature control. This has been the primary limitation on thermoelectric devices, and as a result, high temperature gradients have not been reliably obtainable in conventional thermoelectric coolers.

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Thermoelectric heat exchanger component including protective heat spreading lid and optimal thermal interface resistance. Thus, the legs are connected in series electrically but act in parallel thermally. It is an additional objective of the present invention to provide a bread box and a wine cooling rack using the thermoelectric cooling circuit of the present invention. They are also acoustically silent. The Peltier effect is a temperature difference created by applying a voltage between two electrodes connected to a sample of semiconductor material.