Westell Versalink 327w Manual Pdf

The rates are broadcast within the connection protocol as rates supported by the VersaLink. It allows you to set the level of security you wish to have on your local network. Click on the clear button to clear all counts and statistics not just latency counts.

No device is displayed in the field adjacent to the static Nat button. The Network screen shows the settings for the newly created location. Enter the appropriate values in the fields and click on set.

It alerts you of noteworthy information sent to VersaLink from the Internet. Select Search for the best driver for your device. Select New Location from the Location field. After the computer has restarted, VersaLink is ready for use.

Westell Technologies 327W User Manual

Password Provided by BellSouth. If you are viewing a pop-up screen, click the help link in the pop-up screen to obtain help messages.

Confirm Password Enter the appropriate values in the Customer Information page, and then click next to continue. The following screen will be displayed as VersaLink is being reset.

The connection rate values represent the transmission speed of your Veraslink line. This screen gives a detailed explanation of the Firewall Rules. After you enter your data into the appropriate settings, click on change. This screen allows you to change the security parameters on your Inbound and Outbound Firewall rules via the User Defined Firewall Rules drop-down arrow.


When disabled, no stations will be able to connect to the VersaLink. This is the station firmware that the card would use to operate as a wireless station.

If multiple rates are chosen, multi-rate communication and automatic optimum rate selection is possible. The host name is entered in the input box. VersaLink must be reset to allow the new configuration to take effect. This does not affect the configuration values.


After you have made the desired changes to this page, click the save button to allow the changes to take effect. Select an option from the list provided at the Diagnostics Logs screen. Beacon Period The time interval between beacon frame transmissions.

This will typically be greater than the sum of the Unicast and Multicast frames because large frames are broken into multiple transmissions. The Locate Driver Files window appears. Success VersaLink has successfully obtained the resolved address.

To clear the Firewall log, click clear log in the Firewall Log westell versalink w manual. The arrows show the data path westell versalink w manual each flow. Security Level High High security level only allows basic Internet functionality. Select Search for a suitable driver for my device recommended.

To clear the Firewall log, click clear log in the Firewall Log screen. Beginning of Diagnostics Help screens VersaLink status checks the connection. VersaLink has failed to obtain the resolved address. The following screen will be displayed If you click edit, the following screen will be displayed. The version number is needed to identify existing errata.

Westell Technologies Versalink 327W Manuals

Configuring Versalink Rev. This screen will allow you to set up your account profile. The following settings are displayed.

Westell VersaLink 327W User Manual

Got it, continue to print. The Getting Started screen will be displayed. Macintosh computers must install via Ethernet connection. No host name is specified.


Westell does not recommend that you change this setting. Westell recommends that you do not change the settings in the User Defined Firewall Rules screen.

The number of successful transmissions made. Product Specifications Rev.

You may now begin your Account Setup. The following options are displayed. To clear the statistics in this page, click on clear. Beacons contain rate and capability information. The following pop-up screen will appear.

Windows will search for the driver. You must be connected to the Internet to use this option. This device must not be co-located or operated in conjunction with any other antenna or radio transmitter. This screen will retrieve the software update file and display any available update information.

Contact Westell Technical Support at telephone no. If you need to reset VersaLink to factory default settings, push the reset button on the rear of VersaLink. VersaLink will be reset and the new configuration will take effect. The following instructions explain how to install VersaLink for simultaneous use of Ethernet and Wireless ports. Modifications made to the product, puerperio quirurgico pdf unless westell versalink w manual approved by Westell Inc.