Yamaha Raptor 350 Service Manual Pdf

Avoid combination cleaner-waxes. Ignition Wipe clean with dry cloth. Completely close the throttle lever and start the engine by pushing the start switch.

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Your Yamaha dealer has a variety of gen- uine Yamaha accessories. Otherwise your feet may con- Removing hands from handlebars or tact the rear wheels.

Avoid going down a hill at an angle that would cause the vehicle to lean sharply to one side. Adjust the spring preload as follows. All air must be bled from the brake system.


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Tie a plastic bag over the exhaust pipe outlet to prevent moisture from entering. Page Speed limiter For riders inexperienced with this model, this mod- el is equipped with a speed limiter in the throttle le- ver housing. Record the information on this label in the space provided.

Never apply the rear brake while rolling backwards. With the purchase of this Yamaha, you can now appreciate the high degree of crafts- manship and reliability that have made Yamaha a leader in these fields. Shift the transmission into neutral. Before riding, check that the brake fluid is above the minimum level mark and replenish if neces- sary. The starter choke onds before the next attempt.

If you stall or roll backwards, follow the special procedure for braking described in this manual. Reduce speed and follow instructions in this manual for carrying cargo or pulling a trailer.

If the brake pedal is not posi- adjusted brakes. Practice turning at low speeds before attempting to turn at faster speeds. Put cargo at the rear of the front carrier and at the front of the rear carrier. Excessive water pressure may cause water seepage and deterioration of wheel bearings, brakes, transmission seals and electrical de- vices. Bear in mind that sliding maneuvers should always be avoided on extremely slippery surfaces such as ice, since all control may be lost.

Spark plug gap and its mating surface, and then wipe off any a. Turn the engine off, and then check the oil level and correct it if necessary. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.

As you slow down, shift to a lower gear. If you run out of fuel while riding, turn the lever to this position. Install the headlight bulb holder by aligning the projections with the holes in the headlight unit, pushing it inward, and turning it clock- wise until it stops. Loosen the rear wheel hub upper and lower bolts. Front And Rear Brakes Front and rear brakes Brake lever and brake pedal Check that there is no free play in the brake le- ver.

Most adjust- ing should be left to a Yamaha dealer who has the professional knowledge and experience to do so. To lower the beam, turn the adjusting bolt in direc- tion b. If storing in a humid or salt-air atmosphere, coat all exposed metal surfaces with a light film of oil.

Yamaha Raptor Repair Manual

Extraiga el conjunto del elemento del filtro de son armature. Other ac- ently than it does without accessories. Fuel expands when it heats up. The shift pedal is Improper use of the parking brake.

Troubleshooting Use only genuine Yamaha parts on your machine. This information will be need- ed to order spare parts from your Yamaha dealer. Frenos Delantero Y Trasero De lo contrario, lp156wh4 pdf solicite a un concesio- nario Yamaha que le inspeccione el sistema de sionnaire Yamaha. Manual for correct tightening torque.

Front Brake Pad Inspection Apply the brake and inspect the wear indicator grooves. Loss of control could cause an accident or injury.

If electrode erosion becomes ex- cessive, or if carbon and other deposits are excessive, you should replace the spark plug with the specified plug. Be sure that the engine has sufficiently slowed before engaging a lower gear.

Al- low a cooling off period of five to ten minutes after every hour of operation. Lock the parking brake, after you are stopped. Otherwise, damage to the engine and drive train may result. To lower the beam, turn the adjusting bolt in direction b. The starter motor cranks the engine when this Do not use the headlights with the engine switch is pushed.

Make any necessary repairs before storing the machine. The engine stop switch controls ignition and can be used at all times to stop the engine, especially in an emer- gency.

Yamaha RAPTOR 350 Owner s Manual

Follow with milk of magnesia, beaten egg or vegetable oil. Thoroughly clean off any dirt and fingerprints on the headlight bulb using a cloth moistened with alcohol or thinner. To decrease the spring preload, turn the adjusting nut in direc- tion b. Then turn on the switches. Do not touch the glass part of the head- light bulb to keep it free from oil, otherwise the transparency of the glass, the luminos- ity of the bulb, and the bulb life will be ad- versely affected.


Dry grass or brush or other combustible material accumulated around the engine area could catch fire. Any prob- ing or near an open flame.